Ready for Kindergarten?

The Hamilton County Department of Education and Read 20 have worked together to develop an innovative and much–needed Kindergarten Screening Tool to determine how well a child is prepared as he/she enters kindergarten. This tool helps teachers know which skills a child already knows and which ones he or she needs to learn. The screening tool is research-based and uses a holistic approach including all developmental domains: language, cognition, fine motor, gross motor and social/emotional.

We cannot give you the Screening Tool because that would be cheating. However, we’ve developed a handy Read 20 Guide to Kindergarten Skills that includes the same general ideas as the screening tool so that preschool teachers and parents know how to prepare four-year-old children to make the most out of kindergarten.

This has proven to be a really valuable resource – so much that people from all over the country are asking for it – so check it out!

Kindergarten Guide (English) 
Kindergarten Guide (Spanish)

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