Donate Your Gently Loved Books or New Books, too

Do you have favorite books with fond memories? Give the joy of reading to a child by donating your new or gently loved books to Read 20!

To give your favorite books, contact Read 20 at 423-209-6190 (just make sure we are in the office). Then simply drop off your donation at the Read 20 office, located in the M.L. King Bldg., 317 Oak Street (just behind Memorial Auditorium), Room 109, Chattanooga, TN 37403.

Your donation will be tagged quickly, stored, and placed into the hands of a child who is ready to read. Thank you for your generous contribution to Read 20 and a child looking for just the right book.

If you love the idea of donating a favorite book title of your child or children; consider gifting the book to a child that is less fortunate than your own child. What a wonderful gift to a child. Read 20 will let you know that your book was delivered and received!
Isn’t it great; what goes around, comes around…. A generous heart is a wonderful thing!



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