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Thanks for your interest in the Readmobile! There are no fees or charges associated with a Readmobile visit, but we do have a few guidelines designed to make our visit a high quality educational experience. Check these out, fill out the form below or call us at (423) 209-6190, and we’ll look forward to visiting you!

This spring, Read 20 became the proud owners of a “new-to-us” #2 Readmobile.  It is currently being evaluated for the best on road condition and a new “wrap” for the outer shell of the vehicle.  We are hoping for the maiden voyage by Fall 2018.  More news to follow as update continues. 


  • Groups should be limited to 30 students or fewer at a time, with no more than 2 years age difference in a given group. 
  • If you have more than 30 students, not to worry. We can visit several different classrooms in a single day if you let us know in advance how many sessions you’ll need per grade level. Please understand we wish to create the best reading & listening environment for our children and their reader. 
  • All locations should have an appropriate space for students to gather for a read-aloud. This is preferably indoors in a setting with minimal distractions – like a classroom or library.
  • The group will need continuous adult supervision from the teachers or adults normally in charge. It is practically impossible for Mr. Stewart to provide a quality read aloud experience and handle crowd control at the same time. Teachers and principals are always welcomed and enjoyed.
  • A typical session will last about 30-45 minutes depending on the age and maturity of the students.
  • Mr. Stewart, the Readmobile Coordinator, will talk with the contact person(s) at your organization to assure that the books read are content- and age-appropriate and the activities are related to current curriculum and subject matter familiar to the children. Please inform Mr. Stewart at the time of scheduling or prior to the date of  the read aloud about any circumstance that may require a change of reading subject details.  
  • The Readmobile is very popular! Please make your request 4-6 weeks in advance. It’s also very LARGE – 36 feet long by 13 feet high by 7 feet wide. Please make sure we have adequate parking for safety and easy in and out access.  The upcoming new Readmobile is longer than our current one, so adequate parking space will be necessary. Thank you for your cooperation prior to the Readmobile’s arrival. 

Once you’ve submitted this form, the Readmobile Coordinator or other READ 20 staff will confirm the date, time and location for your request.

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If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Read 20 staff at 423.209.6190 and/or

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