How Do I Put a Read 20 Library in my Neighborhood?

Read 20 partnered with our local Chattanooga Chapter of Architects in America (AIA) to design and create seven magnificent neighborhood libraries that will be located in selected neighborhoods across Hamilton County. In addition to the seven libraries built by our local architects, there are four libraries in the North Shore neighborhood that were built and adopted by Trevor Slayton; one Neighborhood Library, created by Pete Cooper, in the Southside Recreation Center (where our good friend, Linda Cooper, maintains an active reading center); and four more libraries in the neighborhoods of Alton Park, Greenwood Terrace, Emma Wheeler Homes, and Maple Wood Terrace. These four were created and hosted by the Chattanooga Housing Authority. Several dedicated students of Girls Preparatory School created a library for the after-school program at Northside Neighborhood House.

In the most recent months, Read 20 has received three more Read 20 Neighborhood Libraries. Two new additions from Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN at Hillcrest Elementary and at Bess T Shepherd Elementary.  All total to date (and growing): 35 Neighborhood Libraries!

This is a truly awesome project that has captured the minds and hearts of those who value early childhood literacy. Thanks to the Neighborhood Libraries, many children will have access to new books to read, enjoy, and keep as their own. The books are provided at no cost to every child. We ask only that the children who receive books read for at least 20 minutes every day. When they are ready for another book, they may return to a Read 20 Neighborhood Library and trade or simply take another selection. Share the joy….Share your experience with reading a good book. Host your own Read 20 Neighborhood Library.

 Watch for photos of all of the libraries that are installed. Let us catch you reading! 

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