Recognition of Read 20’s Probasco Readers

It’s an exclusive club, but we want everyone to join!

All a student has to do is read at least 20 minutes every day and the required number of pages if above 2nd grade, and he or she will reach one million words in one year and get a reward from Read 20!

We are asking students to:

  • Keep a reading log (whatever type the student’s teacher prefers to use)
  • Keep an individualized chart to track progress throughout the year by month or by book (provided by Read 20)


We are asking teachers to:

  • Keep a chart for each classroom to track progress throughout the year (provided by Read 20)
  • Think of creative ways to motivate and reward students’ reading as the year progresses, such as being the first person in line for lunch on a specific day of the week or getting an incentive pass for additional computer time, etc.
  • Use stickers, classroom progress charts, or “progress indicators” to demonstrate exceptional progress in reading.


Here is how students qualify:

Kindergarten through
2nd grade – 1 reading log completed each week for 25 weeks

3rd grade – read 40 books averaging 100 pages per book

4th grade – read 26 books averaging 150 pages per book

5th grade – read 20 books averaging 200 pages per book


Here is how students are rewarded for their efforts:

  • Each Read 20 Probasco Reader will receive a backpack medallion and a snazzy certificate indicating they have read 1,000,000 words.
  • The school with the highest percentage of students reading a million words wins $10,000 for their school’s library! (So they can purchase even more books. How cool is that? Unless of course there are two or more schools reaching 100%, in which case you must read the fine print below.*)


We are proud to announce that in the first year of the program (2013), 782 Hamilton County students became Probasco Readers, and in the second year (2014), 1,584 Hamilton County students became Probasco Readers! 

Ganns Elementary – 2015-2016 WINNER with 100% students reading one million words or greater!

Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School – 2014-2015 WINNER!

with 89.6% Probasco Readers – 540 students

Allen Elementary with 334 students as Probasco Readers & Eastside Elementary with greater than 55% Probasco Readers

six other HC Elementary Schools participated as Probasco Readers

Eastside Elementary School – 2012-2013 WINNER!

Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School – 2013-2014  WINNER!

with 68% Probasco Readers – 379 students



 *Fine Print: We only have $10,000. If two or more schools reach 100% participation, the schools must share the prize money. But this would be so incredibly great that we promise we will call the press and let them know. 

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